Where I am now: NBC News Digital


My time since the last update to this site has been well over a year, and in that time much has shifted in my career focus and job status that I thought I would share with you in brief.

First, I’m employed! After 10 months as an intern at TODAY.com, the TODAY Show website, I was offered my first full time job as a multimedia producer, before my completion from college. I’m still working on my degree slowly at my own pace and plan on graduating in spring of 2014.

My duties are a true mix of photojournalism, photo production work, video editing and producing, community management as well as mobile strategy. I help plan big news coverage and contribute my perspective and opinions in editorial meetings as well as digital strategy meetings. In short, it is a dream job for me as an entry level journalist.

I’m gaining tons of perspective myself, learning about the intricacies of social strategy, teamwork, broadcast production and the harsh deadlines of a web first newsroom.

I plan to start posting much more frequently to the blog, weighing in on popular topics in the industry and exploring some ethical issues that may interest me.


Jan. 17, 2012: Umbrella Fail

A UK student carries her broken umbrella that broke by the force of the wind near Patterson Office Tower, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2012. Photo by Brandon Goodwin | Staff

Nov. 19, 2011: The Catlatl Club

Catlatl club president Brandon Ritchison brings darts back from the target at Jacobson in Lexington, Ky., Nov. 19, 2011. Photo by Brandon Goodwin

Nov. 11, 2011: Gingko, you’re done this time

My second attempt at that cursed Gingko Tree. This is much cleaner than the last.


A woman walks across the University of Kentucky campus, with the bright yellow leaves of a Gingko tree behind her. Photo by Brandon Goodwin | Staff

Nov. 10, 2011: The Gingko Tree Challenge

Gingko tree photo

A lady wearing a yellow rain jacket walks underneath the bright yellow leaves of a ginkgo tree on the University of Kentucky Campus, Nov. 10, 2011. Photo by Brandon Goodwin

Nov. 8, 2011: Republican Gubernatorial candidates fall

Williams, Farmer fall

David Williams and his running mate (seen left) Richie Farmer, give their cessation speech during the republican election party in Lexington, Ky., Nov. 8, 2011. Photo by Brandon Goodwin

Nov. 7, 2011: UK vs. Morehouse: 125-40

The new UK men’s basketball team looked dominant. Probably because they easily won with an 85 point lead. Or because they were about two feet taller than the other team.

UK vs. Morehouse

Morehouse forward Michael Ziegler attempts to go up for a layup against UK defenders during the first half of the UK's home game against Morehouse in Lexington, Ky., Nov. 7, 2011. Photo by Brandon Goodwin