Why Google+ changed my photography

One Kentucky Kernel alumni said he was tired of people on Google+ talking about how great Google+ is. So I lead with this disclaimer: this isn’t about how awesome Google+ is, but my experience with it so far.

But I digress.

Google+ opened up the twitter world relationship I had with photographers and photojournalists and placed it in a more open and long-form version.

I mean now I could be immediately introduced to new photography. And boy have I.

I follow landscape photographers, portrait shooters, art photographers and I even followed some HDR nerds. While some turned out to be bad ideas, and some aren’t posting their photography (like me), some are really inspiring me at least to appreciate their styles.

Something more than that happened, though. Its the changed the way I see through my own viewfinder, and my photography this summer has dramatically improved.

They (yes, those ominous beings that no one can identify) say that people need to take a break in order to learn.

I’m doing that this summer with photography, and I know when I step back into the arena at my student paper in the coming weeks, I’ll be ready to take on any challenge.

P.S. – I actually did write a blog about how awesome Google+ is. Here’s that blog post for the Oklahoman Intern blog.

Here are some of the photographers that caused this transformation

Dave Beckerman

Trey Ratcliff

Pedro Tavares

Alex Koloskov

Victor Bezrukov